Increasing State Leaders’ Collaboration to Support Families Experiencing Homelessness


Gerard, S. N., Tunzi, D., Frede, E., & Scheibe, F. (2021). Increasing state leaders’ collaboration to support families experiencing homelessness. SRI International.


State leaders have many opportunities to address the critical issue of family homelessness by supporting collaboration among diverse stakeholders; creating a culture of data sharing that facilitates discussion and action; and enacting policies across departments, agencies, and programs to support FCEH. State-level coordination should enhance and enable coordination at the local level, to include outreach across agencies and service settings, full implementation of required policies, professional development for service providers, and formal data sharing agreements. Addressing the complexities of family homelessness is a challenging but necessary goal. State leaders can help by identifying and coordinating all available resources to better serve all children experiencing homelessness and their families.

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