The National Behavior Research Coordination Center: Coordinating Research and Implementation of Evidence-Based School Interventions for Children with Serious Behavior Problems

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Wagner, M. M., Sumi, W. C., Woodbridge, M. W., Javitz, H. S., & Thornton, S. P. (2009). The national behavior research coordination center: coordinating research and implementation of evidence-based school interventions for children with serious behavior problems. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, 17(4), 244-249.


In implementing its Behavior Research Initiative, the U.S. Department of Education funded four Behavior Research Centers, each to test the efficacy of a separate intervention to improve the behavior of elementary school students with or at risk for serious behavior problems. The initiative also established the National Behavior Research Coordination Center to conduct a cross-site evaluation of the four behavior interventions. The authors describe how the Department of Education’s structuring of the initiative helped avoid many of the shortcomings of earlier federal cross-site demonstration programs and highlight the contributions a research coordination center can make to the quality of research conducted and to the knowledge produced across individual demonstrations.

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