How Post-Secondary Journalism Educators Teach Advanced Car Data Analysis Skills In The Digital Age


Yarnall., L., Johnson, J. T., Rinne, L., Ranney, M. A. (2008). How post-secondary journalism educators teach advanced CAR data analysis skills in the digital age. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, 63 (2), 146-164.


Survey responses from 232 journalism educators in 33 nations were analyzed for descriptions of how they have taught a subset of the most pedagogically challenging computer-assisted reporting (CAR) skills-advanced data analysis. Respondents’ programs were sorted into three instructional groupings: (1) Comprehensive programs offering coherent curricula for learning three basic and six advanced analytic reporting competencies, (2) mixed adoption programs that make data analytic learning optional and student directed, and (3) lagging programs that provide weak learning opportunities. We also statistically address U.S. versus non·U.S. contrasts, and features of U.S. programs offering analytic training also are statistically addressed. Barriers to expanding such training are discussed.

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