Network Coding for Content-Based Intermittently Connected Emergency Networks


Joy, J., Yu, Y.-T., Gerla, M., Wood, S., Mathewson, J., & Stehr, M.-O. (2013, 30 September – 4 October). Network coding for content-based intermittently connected emergency networks. Paper presented at the International Conference on Mobile Computing & Networking (MobiCom ’13), Miami, FL.


First responders at the edge of the network rely on situation awareness updates to arrive in a timely matter, even when the fixed infrastructure is unavailable. The technical advancements of the commercial mobile phones make them capable of supporting such requirements under very disruptive network conditions. In this demo, we present a network architecture that exploits partial caches by utilizing network coding to deliver large files (e.g. images) to first responders. The architecture is based on a content centric network platform called ICEMAN(Information CEntric Mobile Ad-hoc Networking) and runs on Android phones. We demonstrate our system in a file dissemination scenario in a CORE/EMANE network emulation. We measure file delivery ratio, latency, and network overhead and report significant improvements that network coding achieves over fragmentation.

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