Evaluation of the Texas High School Project: Second Comprehensive Annual Report


Young, V., Adelman, N., Bier, N., Cassidy, L., Keating, K., Padilla, C., … & Klopfenstein, K. (2010). Evaluation of the Texas high school project: Second comprehensive annual report.


This report is the second comprehensive annual report of the Texas High School Project (THSP) evaluation. The evaluation encompasses the multiple high school reform grant programs under THSP, assessing the implementation and impact on student performance of grantees that first began reforms from 2006–07 through 2009–10.

Drawing on qualitative and quantitative data, the second annual report builds on the results discussed in the prior report covering 2007–08 (Young, et al., 2010), specifically:

  • How are THSP-supported schools implementing key reform elements as designed or described by the THSP grant programs? What factors facilitate implementation, and what factors hinder it? and addresses the following questions for the 2008–09 school year specifically:
  • How do reform model networks support schools in implementation?
  • What effects have THSP and its individual grant programs had to date on selected ninth-, tenth-, and eleventh-grade student outcomes?

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