Melding Authentic Science, Technology, And Inquiry-Based Teaching: Experiences Of The Globe Program


Means, B. (1998). Melding authentic science, technology, and inquiry-based teaching: Experiences of the GLOBE program. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 7(1), 97-105.


Initial findings from the evaluation of the GLOBE Program are used to shed light on three issues concerning student-scientist partnerships: (1) Can students and scientists both derive genuine benefits from such partnerships? (2) What does technology add to efforts to bring authentic science into schools? (3) What is the relationship between student-scientist partnership programs and education reform efforts? Tensions between the goals of science and those of education are discussed and strategies for balancing conflicting requirements described. Both pragmatic and motivational benefits of technology use are cited. Although the evaluation of GLOBE’s first year did not find evidence that student-scientist partnerships are sparking a transformation in teaching approaches, such programs provide a supportive context within which teachers seeking to align their practice with education reform principles may do so.

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