The Independent Evaluation of the Science Teachers Initiative (CASCITI): Year 1 Report


Polkinghorn, R., Gallagher, H. A., Chang-Ross, C., Hough, H., Tiffany-Morales, J., Price, T., … & Skolnik, H. (2005). THE INDEPENDENT EVALUATION OF THE SCIENCE TEACHERS INITIATIVE (CASCITI).


In July 2003, the California Science Project (CSP) received funding from the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) for the California Science Teachers Initiative (CASCITI) to improve science instruction in California by providing professional development to teachers. This evaluation describes the CSP’s work since from 2001-02 (the time of the last California Subject Matter Projects [CSMP] evaluation) to 2003-04 and assesses whether it met its goals under CASCITI. This chapter first outlines the CSP’s background to enable the reader to understand CASCITI in context and then presents an overview of this evaluation and report.

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