ITL Research Design


Shear, L., Novais, G., Means. B., Gallagher, L., & Langworthy, M. (2010b). ITL Research Design. Menlo Park, CA: SRI International.


This paper describes the design of Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) Research, a multiyear global research program sponsored initially by Microsoft’s Partners in Learning, with increasing partnership from governments and other stakeholders around the world. Now entering its first post-pilot year, ITL Research investigates the factors that promote the transformation of teaching practices and the impact those changes have on students’ learning outcomes across a broad range of country contexts.

Education and political leaders in countries around the world have recognized the imperative for preparing their youth for the 21st century, a goal that many believe requires fundamental transformation of educational opportunities and the integration of technology into teaching and learning (Ananiadou & Claro,
2009). But educational change is complex and takes place within an ecosystem of influences that range from national policies, programs, and supports to local community contexts and school-specific professional cultures. Rather than examining each component individually, ITL Research takes a broad look at school
ecosystems, seeking to contribute to the current understanding of how effective transformation of teaching and learning supported by technology is taking place. This multiyear research program makes use of parallel case studies for deep investigation of the national and school-level factors that shape teaching
practices within particular country contexts and looks across the cases to provide global stakeholders with information and informed recommendations on the future of teaching and learning.

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