Technical Appendix: Exploring Assignments, Student Work, And Teacher Feedback In Reforming Schools: 2002-03 Data From Washington State


Mitchell, K., Murphy, R., Hafter, A., & Shkolnik, J. (2004). Technical Appendix: Exploring assignments, student work, and teacher feedback in reforming schools: 2002-03 data from Washington State. Washington, DC: American Institutes for Research and SRI International.


Sampling and Data Collection for the 2002-03 Data This project was initially piloted in Washington State during the 2002-03 school year. Eight assignments, four typical and four challenging, were collected from 48 teachers (24 English/language arts and 24 math) over the course of the school year. Student work associated with the teacher assignments was also collected three times during the year from a random sample of students predetermined by the researchers and blind to the teachers.

The teacher assignments and student work were scored in summer 2003 by using rubrics developed by the American Institutes for Research and SRI International, based on the rubrics used in the study of the Chicago Public Schools by Fred Newmann, Tony Bryk, and others (Newmann, Lopez, & Bryk, 1998; Bryk, Nagaoka, & Newmann, 2000; Newmann, Bryk, & Nagaoka, 2001).

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