The Padi System As A Complex Of Epistemic Forms And Games


Brecht, J., Cheng, B., Mislevy, R., Haertel, G., & Haynie, K. (2009). The PADI System as a Complex of Epistemic Forms and Games (PADI Technical Report 21). Menlo Park, CA: SRI International.


We examine the Principled Assessment Designs in Inquiry (PADI) design system as a complex or system of epistemic forms with several epistemic games that may be played to complete the forms. This analysis illuminates what new understanding about assessment design is generated in the PADI process, thus illustrating the relative value of the PADI process to individual designers and to the field as a whole. PADI’s forms are expressed in its underlying object model. The games are being developed by PADI’s early users and represent a combination of standard practice in assessment design and new practice uniquely enabled by the PADI system.

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