Crowdsourcing and human computation: systems, studies and platforms


Bernstein, M.; Hartmann, B.; Chi, E. H.; Kittur, A.; Chilton, L.; Miller, R. C. Crowdsourcing and human computation: systems, studies and platforms. ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI); 2011 May 7-12; Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Crowdsourcing and human computation are transforming human-computer interaction, and CHI has led the way. The seminal publication in human computation was initially published in CHI in 2004 and the first paper investigating Mechanical Turk as a user study platform has amassed over one hundred citations in two years. However, we are just beginning to stake out a coherent research agenda for the field.

This workshop will bring together researchers in the young field of crowdsourcing and human computation and produce three artifacts: a research agenda for the field, a vision for ideal crowdsourcing platforms, and a group-edited bibliography. These resources will be publically disseminated on the web and evolved and maintained by the community.

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