Flexible and printed electronics for sensors, displays and photovoltaics


Daniel, J. H.; Ng, T.; Arias, A. C.; Apte, R. B.; Lu, J. P.; Garner, S. Flexible and printed electronics for sensors, displays and photovoltaics. International Workshop on Flexible and Printed Electronics; 2010 September 8-10, Muju, Korea.


Flexible electronics will enable a variety of new products and some of them are already starting to appear on the market. Flexibility provides an electronic device with increased robustness, but physical properties that allow bending, rolling or stretching enable completely new application areas for electronics. Here, we give an overview of our activities in the area of flexible and printed electronics for displays and sensors. Recent work on sensors to detect blast events will be highlighted. The sensors are part of a helmet-attached sensor tape for soldiers. For body-worn electronics, higher flexibility will be desirable. Initial studies of textile-based substrates were done. Such materials enable multi-axis flexibility and stretchability, but the integration of electronics poses challenges.

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