Flexible, large-area sensor circuits fabricated by additive printing


Ng, T.; Endicott, F.; Krusor, B. S.; Russo, B.; Schwartz, D. E.; Whiting, G. L.; Street, R. A.; Veres, J. Flexible, large-area sensor circuits fabricated by additive printing. 2013 and Beyond: Flexible Electronics Symposium at TMS Annual Meeting; 2013 March 3-7; San Antonio, TX USA.


Organic materials have been demonstrated as good candidates for large-area flexible sensors, because they allow wide tolerance of sensor geometry and thickness, which would ease fabrication problems such as strain induced cracking on deformable platforms. The printed organic transistors were developed into logic circuits for processing the sensor signals. For example, a shift register and a threshold detector were demonstrated to control sensor arrays. Device characterization and circuit simulations were carried out to achieve designs that tolerate the variations in printed devices, as well as to determine design rules for reliable printed electronic systems.

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