ISOMER: Informative Segment Observations for Multimedia Event Recounting


Sun, C., Burns, B., Nevatia, R., Snoek, C., Bolles, B., Myers, G., . . . Yeh, E. (2014, 1-4 April). ISOMER: Informative Segment Observations for Multimedia Event Recounting. Paper presented at the International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR’14), Glasgow, United Kingdom.


This paper describes a system for multimedia event detection and recounting. The goal is to detect a high level event class in unconstrained web videos and generate event oriented summarization for display to users. For this purpose, we detect informative segments and collect observations for them, leading to our ISOMER system. We combine a large collection of both low level and semantic level visual and audio features for event detection. For event recounting, we propose a novel approach to identify event oriented discriminative video segments and their descriptions with a linear SVM event classifier. User friendly concepts including objects, actions, scenes, speech and optical character recognition are used in generating descriptions. We also develop several mapping and filtering strategies to cope with noisy concept detectors. Our system performed competitively in the TRECVID 2013 Multimedia Event Detection task with near 100,000 videos and was the highest performer in TRECVID 2013 Multimedia Event Recounting task.

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