Knowledge-Engineering Techniques and Tools in the Prospector Environment


Reboh, R. (1981). Knowledge engineering techniques and tools in the Prospector environment. SRI International.


Techniques and tools to assist in several phases of the knowledge-engineering process for developing an expert system are explored.

A sophisticated domain-independent network editor is described that uses knowledge about the representational and computational formalisms of the host consultation system to watch over the knowledge-engineering process and to give the knowledge engineer a convenient environment for developing, debugging, and maintaining the knowledge base.

We also illustrate how partial matching techniques can assist in maintaining the consistency of the knowledge base (in form and content) as it grows, and can support a variety of features that will enhance the interaction between the system and the user and make a knowledge-based consultation system behave more intelligently.

Although these techniques and features are illustrated in terms of the Prospector environment, it will be clear to the reader how these techniques can be applied in other environments.

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