Automated Assessment of Physical-Motion Tasks for Military Integrative Training


Rowe, N. C., Houde, J. P., Kolsch, M. N., Darken, C. J., Heine, E. R., Sadagic, A., … & Han, F. (2010, April). Automated Assessment of Physical-motion Tasks for Military Integrative Training. In CSEDU (1) (pp. 190-195).


We describe the performance assessment component of the BASE-IT system, a real-time monitoring system of performance of U.S. Marines during training exercises for urban warfare. This automated component measures how well Marines are following procedures and staying safe, by tracking where they are and where they are looking. Such monitoring of physical motion is a relatively new application of computer technology with implications for instruction in physical education, choreography, and police work.

Keywords: training, military, tracking, motion, performance, assessment, behavior analysis, image processing, Global Positioning System

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