A Fuzzy Controller For Flakey, An Autonomous Mobile Robot


Saffiotti, A., Ruspini, E. H., & Konolige, K. (1993). A fuzzy controller for Flakey, an autonomous mobile robot. In Fuzzy Logic (pp. 3-12). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.


Controlling the movement of an autonomous mobile robot in real-world unstructured environments requires the ability to pursue strategic goals under conditions of uncertainty, incompleteness, and imprecision. We describe a fuzzy controller for such a mobile robot that can take multiple strategic goals into consideration. Through the use of fuzzy logic, goal-oriented behavior (e.g., trying to reach a given location) and reactive behavior (e.g., avoiding previously unknown obstacles on the way) are smoothly blended into one sequence of control actions. The fuzzy controller has been implemented on the SRI robot Flakey, and its performance demonstrated in several different environments, including the first AAAI robotics competition, where Flakey placed second.

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