Single-Frequency Violet and Blue Laser Emission from AlGaInN Photonic Integrated Circuit Chips


Wunderer, T., Siddharth, A., Johnson, N. M., Chua, C. L., Teepe, M., Yang, Z., … & Kippenberg, T. J. (2023). Single-frequency violet and blue laser emission from AlGaInN photonic integrated circuit chips. Optics Letters, 48(11), 2781-2784.


Chip-based, single-frequency and low phase-noise integrated photonic laser diodes emitting in the violet (412 nm) and blue (461 nm) regime are demonstrated. The GaN-based edge-emitting laser diodes were coupled to high-Q on-chip micro-resonators for optical feedback and mode selection resulting in laser self-injection locking with narrow emission linewidth. Multiple group III-nitride (III-N) based photonic integrated circuit chips with different waveguide designs including single-crystalline AlN, AlGaN, and GaN were developed and characterized. Single-frequency laser operation was demonstrated for all studied waveguide core materials. The best side-mode suppression ratio was determined to be ∼36 dB at 412 nm with a single-frequency laser emission linewidth of only about 3.8 MHz at 461 nm. The performance metrics of this novel type of laser suggest potential implementation in next generation, portable quantum systems.  

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