Sparking Connections: Evaluations of Mobile Messaging on Responsive Caregiving

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Garcia, E., Gerard, S. N., Christensen, C., Tiruke, T., Zamora, M. C., & Grindal, T. (2022). Sparking connections: Evaluations of mobile messaging on responsive caregiving. SRI International.


Mobile messaging programs are a low-cost, scalable approach to building parents’ knowledge and capacity to support their children’s development. These programs directly deliver simple and straightforward information, tips, and activities that parents can incorporate into daily routines. Yet recent investments in these programs have created a need to better understand how mobile messaging affects parents’ engagement in responsive caregiving and other positive parenting behaviors, particularly with infants and toddlers. To meet this need, SRI Education partnered with Bright by Text and Univision to evaluate the impacts of two parent-focused mobile messaging programs on responsive caregiving. We surveyed parents about their use of responsive caregiving and their parenting attitudes, knowledge, and confidence at baseline and after the 12-week study period.

This work was completed through a generous joint grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Overdeck Family Foundation.

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