Criteria For Designing Computer Facilities For Linguistic Analysis


Shieber, S. M. (1985). Criteria for designing computer facilities for linguistic analysis.


In the natural-language-processing research community, the usefulness of computer tools for testing linquistic analyses is often taken for granted. Linguists, on the other hand, have generally been unaware of or ambivalent about such devices. We discuss several aspects of computer use that are preeminent in establishing the utility for linguistic research of computer tools and describe several factors that must be considered in designing such computer tools to aid in testing linguistic analyses of grammatical phenomena. A series of design alternatives, some theoretically and some practically motivated, is then based on the resultant criteria. We present one way of pinning down these choices which culminates in a description of a particular grammar formalism for use in computer linguistic tools. The PATR-II formalism thus serves to exemplify our general perspective.

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