Deductive Question Answering from Multiple Resources


Waldinger, R. and Appelt, D. E. and Fry, J. and Israel, D. J. and Jarvis, P. and Martin, D. and Riehemann, S. and Stickel, M. E. and Tyson, M. and Hobbs, J. and Dungan, J. L. Deductive Question Answering from Multiple Resourcesin New Directions in Question Answering, AAAI, 2004.


Questions in natural language are answered by consulting multiple sources and inferring answers from information they provide. An automated deduction system, equipped with an axiomatic application-domain theory, serves as the coordinator for the process. Sources include data bases, Web pages, programs, and unstructured text. Answers may contain text or visualizations. Although the approach is domain-independent, many of our experiments have dealt with geographic questions.

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