Management Of Miscommunications: Toward A System For Automatic Telephone, Interpretation Of Japanese-English Dialogues


Oviatt, S. L. (1988). Management of miscommunications: Toward a system for automatic telephone interpretation of Japanese-English dialogues. SRI International.


This report presents exploratory research on miscommunications and their resolution during Japanese–English interpretation, based on interviews with experienced professional interpreters. “Brokering” is identified as a naturally occurring and central dialogue management strategy that supports interpreted communications. A comprehensive, ecologically oriented description of brokering is provided that focuses on its structure, functions, and the communicative factors associated with its use. In addition, analyses are provided of three types of disruptive miscommunication that predominate during Japanese–English interpretation, along with the brokering techniques that interpreters use to resolve them effectively. Implications of these research findings for the design of an automatic Japanese–English telephone interpretation system are discussed. It is argued that such a system would benefit from incorporation of a brokered approach to interpretation that is based on adequate recognition of a speaker’s intentions.

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