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Tech Report  February 3, 2020

ST Math: Nonregulatory ESSA Standards Evidence Review & What Works Clearinghouse Standards Review

SRI Authors Jared Boyce, Xin Wei



Boyce, J., Wei, X., & Wang, S. (2019). ST Math: Nonregulatory ESSA standards evidence review & What Works Clearinghouse standards review. Menlo Park, CA: SRI International.


MIND Research Institute contracted with SRI Education for an independent review of a quasi-experimental study WestEd conducted in partnership with MIND: “A Cross-State Evaluation of MIND Research Institute’s ST Math Program and Math Performance.” The study authors conducted multiple analyses to investigate the extent to which use of Spatial-Temporal (ST) Math in grades 3–5 was associated with increased school mathematics achievement.

SRI determined that this study provides moderate evidence for ST Math efficacy in grades 3–5 according to Every Student Success Act (ESSA) levels of evidence provided by the U.S. Department of Education guidelines. SRI determined that study fulfills the design, analytic, and technical requirements of WWC v4.0 Group Design Standards for Meets Evidence Standards with Reservations.

The authors selected two outcomes of interest for study: average scale scores and percent proficient rates on state standardized mathematics assessments. The authors applied multiple comparison corrections for their main findings. On both outcomes, grade-level clusters using ST Math performed significantly better in mathematics than similar grade-level clusters not using the program. As measured by average scale scores on state standardized mathematics assessments, the authors found a positive effect size of .13. As measured by percent proficient rates on state standardized mathematics assessments, the authors found a positive effect size of .17. Considerably larger positive effects were found in reduced analytic samples of grade-level clusters implementing ST Math according to specific fidelity metrics.

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