Strengthening the Data Use and Continuous Improvement Capacity of Teacher Preparation Programs


White, M.E., Hirschboeck, K., Donahue, C., & Torre Gibney, D. (2020). Strengthening the data use and continuous improvement capacity of teacher preparation programs. WestEd.


This paper describes four levers that helped university-district partnerships participating in the New Generation of Educators Initiative (NGEI) use data and continuous improvement practices to execute teacher preparation reforms:  1) developing data sources that can inform improvement efforts; 2) delineating clear roles to support continuous improvement; 3) building an infrastructure for efficient data entry and analysis; and 4) establishing a culture of improvement through routines for data review and use. This paper is one of a four-part series sharing lessons learned from NGEI, a multiyear effort to improve teacher preparation at 11 California State Universities teacher preparation programs (TPPs) in partnership with local public-school districts.

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