Thin Film InP Epitaxyon Si (001) Using Selective Aspect Ratio Trapping


Li, J., Bai, J., Hydrick, J. M., Fiorenza, J. G., Major, C., Carroll, M., … & Lochtefeld, A. (2009). Thin film InP epitaxy on Si (001) using selective aspect ratio trapping. ECS Transactions, 18(1), 887.


High quality InP thin films have been demonstrated in SiO2 trenches on silicon via Aspect Ratio Trapping (ART), whereby defects arising from lattice mismatch (~8%) are trapped by laterally confining sidewalls. Double-buffer layers and two-step ART growth processes have been employed to trap vertical threading dislocations originating at InP/Si interface. InP film quality and optical properties have been analyzed using SEM, TEM and room temperature photoluminescence. Full trapping of dislocations has been demonstrated for trenches up to 400 nm in width without the additional formation of defects at the sidewalls above 500 nm initial growth. This approach shows great promise for the integration of III-V materials onto silicon.

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