VoCCN: voice over content-centric networks


Jacobson, V.; Smetters, D. K.; Briggs, N.; Plass, M. F.; Stewart, P.; Thornton, J. D.; Braynard, R. VoCCN: voice over content-centric networks. Proceedings of the 2009 Workshop on Re-architecting the Internet (ReArch 2009); 2009 December 1; Rome, Italy. NY: ACM; 2009; 1-6.


A variety of proposals call for a new Internet architecture focused on retrieving content by name, but it has not been clear that any of these approaches can offer the generality to support Internet applications like real-time streaming or email. We present a detailed description of a prototype implementation of one such application Voice over IP (VoIP) in a content-based paradigm. This serves as a good example to show how content-based networking can offer advantages for the full range of Internet applications, if the architecture has certain key properties.

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