Information & Computing Sciences

Pushing the boundaries of computing to create solutions in artificial intelligence, speech and natural language, perception and visual sciences, computational biology, robotics, and cyber security

SRI researcher looking at a computer screen
Two SRI resarchers work on computers
SRI researcher looks at computer screens showing data
woman looking at an e-reader
All-terrain robot outside in the woods

Researchers in Information and Computing Sciences employ new technologies to solve client problems through contract research, technology licensing, and venture creation. Our staff members collaborate within SRI, and also with diverse university and industry partners.

The computer mouse and computerized banking had their origins in SRI research over the past 65-plus years. SRI also played a substantial role in ARPANET history, and in the origins of Siri technology. Our contributions to scientific literature surpass 100 research papers a year. SRI has fueled advances in personal computing and produced world-changing innovations for a wide range of government and industrial clients.