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Aaron Lawson

Senior Research Linguist, Speech Technology and Research Laboratory

Aaron Lawson, Ph.D., is a senior research linguist in SRI International’s Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory. His research interests include determining biometrics and demographics from spoken and written language use, language and speaker identification from speech, social media information extraction, noise robustness, and fielding systems.

At SRI, Lawson manages the SRI's LinguaKey team for DARPA Active Authentication, the Acoustic Background Characterization program from Sandia National Laboratories, and is Task Lead of the Language Identification task for DARPA RATS program. Past projects include IARPA REYNARD and BEST, and Threshold Calibration for Speaker Identification from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Prior to joining SRI, Lawson was a research scientist at Air Force Research Laboratory/RADC in the Audio Processing Group. Earlier, he was a natural language processing researcher at TextWise, LLC.
Lawson has published more than 30 papers covering speech, natural language and linguistics. His Ph.D. in applied linguistics is from Cornell University.

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Aaron Lawson