Our People

SRI Fellows

SRI's Fellows Award, established in 1980, recognizes exceptional staff members for their outstanding accomplishments. It is SRI's highest recognition for technical, scientific or professional contributions. The Fellows Award is given to individuals whose work enhances SRI's image as a leading research and problem-solving organization.

SRI Fellows from our current staff are featured here. 

Marcy Berding
Director, Materials Research Laboratory
Yigal Blum
Associate Director, Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory
Ian Colrain
Executive Director and Section Head of Brain Sciences, and Senior Director, Center for Health Sciences, SRI Biosciences
David Cooper
Director, Sensor Systems Laboratory
Gregory Faris
Program Manager, Optical Systems, Discovery Technologies, SRI Biosciences
Geneva Haertel
Director of Assessment Research and Design
Peter Karp
Director, Bioinformatics Research Group, Artificial Intelligence Center
John Kelly
Senior Program Director, Center for Geospace Studies
Thomas Kilduff
Center Director, Center for Neuroscience
Keith R. Laderoute
Senior Program Director, Discovery Technologies
Patrick Lincoln
Director, Computer Science Laboratory
Barbara Means
Director, Center for Technology in Learning
Theodore Mill
Senior Scientist, Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory
Jon C. Mirsalis
Managing Director and Section Head of Translational Development, SRI Biosciences
Kristien Mortelmans
Sr. Microbiologist Emeritus, Microbiology, Center for Infectious Diseases
Peter Neumann
Principal Scientist, Computer Science Laboratory
Eric Pearson
Vice President, Special Programs
Ronald E. Pelrine
Chief Scientist, Robotics Program
Adolf Pfefferbaum, M.D.
Senior Program Director and Distinguished Scientist, Neuroscience, Center for Health Sciences
Phillip Porras
Program Director and Internet Security Group Leader, Computer Science Laboratory
Jeremy Roschelle
Co-Director, Center for Technology in Learning
John Rushby
Program Director, Formal Methods and Dependable Systems, Computer Science Laboratory
Mohsen Sanai
Director, Businss Development, Advanced Technology and Systems Division
Harpreet Singh Sawhney
Chief Technology Officer, Center for Vision Technologies
Natarajan Shankar
Staff Scientist, Computer Science Laboratory
Donald A. Shockey
Senior Staff Scientist, Materials Research Laboratory
Elizabeth Shriberg
Principal Scientist, Speech Technology and Research Laboratory
Tom G. Slanger
Senior Staff Scientist, Center for Geospace Studies
Gregory Smith
Senior Research Chemist, Center for Geospace Studies
Carolyn Talcott
Program Director, Symbolic Systems Biology, Computer Science Laboratory