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By Roy Kornbluh Roy Kornbluh at 8:37 AM PST, Tue Nov 24, 2015

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) accounts for almost half of the energy used in a typical U.S. home and about 13 percent of all energy consumed in the nation. Implications of this energy consumption include negative effects on the environment and climate, wasted money from inefficient heating and cooling of buildings as well as lower productivity of office workers because they are too hot or too cold.

What if each of us had...

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Kerry Belodoff Nov 24, 2015

Families are critical stakeholders for early childhood and educational services, and they need data literacy and an understanding of how data are being used to inform decisions.

Elaine Mulligan Nov 23, 2015

To help teachers address all domains of learning, SRI Education is working on developmentally appropriate, observation-based assessment focused on the whole child.

Bruce Knoth & Dimitra Vergyri Nov 11, 2015

SRI and NYU Langone Medical Center are examining the feasibility of using speech analytics for assessing PTSD in veterans.

Barbara Means Nov 10, 2015

SRI Education was honored to participate in the first-ever White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools, which included discussion on how to expand STEM opportunities for groups under-...

Eric Snow & Marie Bienkowski Oct 28, 2015

SRI Education is developing assessments for a new high school curriculum that focuses on developing students’ problem-solving and computational thinking skills.

Thomas Webb Oct 5, 2015

An intricate and poorly understood molecular machine appears to have great promise as a new drug target class and is an Achilles’ heel for certain types of cancer. This molecular machine is called...


Michael Melle Aug 7, 2013

Do you know that drones, also called unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), have practical applications that have nothing to do with weapons or espionage? No? Here are a few to consider.

Jeremy Roschelle Mar 12, 2013

Findings show that technology can increase students’ understanding of math concepts, but only as part of a more comprehensive learning approach—one that also includes curricular content and teacher...

Rajeev Vaidyanathan Dec 5, 2012

Bed bugs share our beds, feed on our blood at night, and they disappear by dawn, often leaving nothing more than a raised welt on our skin, a token of last night’s encounter. Why is it so hard to...

Rajeev Vaidyanathan Jul 19, 2012

Bed bug bites can cause adverse reactions such as rashes, lesions, allergies, and psychological distress, and the pests most significantly impact the most vulnerable in our society.

Ophelia Yeung Nov 20, 2013

There's a growing movement for travel to include healthy activities and options. SRI International, working with the Global Spa and Wellness Summit, has for the first time conducted an extensive...

Jeremy Roschelle, Mingyu Feng & H. Alix Gallagher Aug 13, 2014

There is an art to successful recruitment, but few occasions for experienced researchers to share lessons learned with colleagues. To help other researchers get a head start, SRI Education...