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By Thomas Voss Thomas Voss at 9:11 AM PDT, Wed Jul 20, 2016

As the news headlines tell us daily, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases are a growing threat. Viruses such as Zika, Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and yellow fever are causing illness and significant concern around the globe.

There are many causes for the emergence and spread of these diseases: commercial air travel (which provides fast and free cross-continental transportation for any microbe), global trade, urbanization, unchecked population growth and climate change. Addressing any of these challenges is a long-term endeavor at best – and in some cases an impossibility.


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Aug 7, 2013

Do you know that drones, also called unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), have practical applications that have nothing to do with weapons or espionage? No? Here are a few to consider.

Jeremy Roschelle Mar 12, 2013

Findings show that technology can increase students’ understanding of math concepts, but only as part of a more comprehensive learning approach—one that also includes curricular content and teacher...

Nov 20, 2013

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Jan 16, 2015

How can we keep watch over massively increasing lines of software code being generated for millions of devices and services as automated coding and hacking increase the speed of the onslaught?

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There are still a number of unmet needs in education that technology could help to solve. The Ed Tech Developer’s Guide can help software developers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs create digital tools...

Gary Swan Dec 17, 2012

Through twin studies, scientists understand the interplay between genetics and the environment in ways that the study of unrelated people–or even other types of siblings–is unable to do.