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By Thomas Webb at 8:36 AM PDT, Tue May 24, 2016

When most people hear the term “infectious disease,” it’s likely they think of illnesses that have been prominent in the news lately, such as Zika virus, MERS and Ebola. But there is a disease that poses a much broader and more imminent threat to most of us: influenza.

Seasonal influenza viruses infect five to 20 percent of the population annually and cause an average of 36,000 deaths in the United States alone each year. While flu vaccines have helped reduce the rate of infection since their introduction in 2012, their effectiveness is limited due to continual changes in the circulating...

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Roland Stephen Apr 25, 2016

Saving Energy, Building Skills: The Industrial Assessment Center Program

Jennifer W. Yu Apr 22, 2016

My research focus, autism, affects people and their ability to function in different ways across the spectrum. For those who have mild-to-moderate autism and are considered “high functioning,” many...

Tim Podkul Apr 4, 2016

Over the last several years, an area of focus in the education field has been to create pathways for youth to connect their learning experiences with their interests and future career opportunities–...

Christina Freyman Apr 4, 2016

The National Science Board recently released Science and Engineering Indicators (SEI) 2016, the premier source of quantitative information on the state of U.S. and international science, engineering...

Sara Vasquez & Ximena Dominguez Apr 4, 2016

In the education field, it’s a widely held notion that learning mathematics early in childhood is essential to ensure children’s school readiness. However, research suggests that children from...

Daisy Wise Rutstein & Shuchi Grover Apr 1, 2016

Measuring Student Learning about Computing


Aug 7, 2013

Do you know that drones, also called unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), have practical applications that have nothing to do with weapons or espionage? No? Here are a few to consider.

Jeremy Roschelle Mar 12, 2013

Findings show that technology can increase students’ understanding of math concepts, but only as part of a more comprehensive learning approach—one that also includes curricular content and teacher...

Nov 20, 2013

There's a growing movement for travel to include healthy activities and options. SRI International, working with the Global Spa and Wellness Summit, has for the first time conducted an extensive...

Joseph Rogers Feb 8, 2013

SRI is taking an innovative approach that recognizes and attempts to address the emerging concept that Alzheimer’s could be a syndrome, with multiple causes and incestuously-interlocked effects.

Bruce Knoth & Dimitra Vergyri Nov 11, 2015

SRI and NYU Langone Medical Center are examining the feasibility of using speech analytics for assessing PTSD in veterans.

Denong Wang May 8, 2013

SRI’s Tumor Glycome Laboratory has found a biomarker that identifies the most aggressive form of prostate cancer. Further study will confirm if a blood test can provide a much-needed tool to...