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Evaluation of the Apple and ConnectED Initiative

SRI Education is conducting rigorous research about the Apple and ConnectED initiative, to understand how technology integration can support teaching and learning at high-poverty schools.

Access to new technologies such as iPads® for students and teachers is often seen as a path toward transformed educational opportunities. But there are still many open questions about the real nature of the opportunity afforded by technology and the supports required to actualize these goals, particularly in school and community settings that have historically been marginalized from high-quality education.

Researchers at SRI International®, in collaboration with researchers at Digital Promise®, are shedding light on these questions through a rigorous, six-year, mixed-methods study of the implementation and outcomes of the Apple and ConnectED initiative. Launched in 2014, the initiative is providing not only technology but also comprehensive support that includes planning, professional learning, and ongoing guidance for school leaders and teachers in 114 low-income schools across the nation. The goal is to promote more personalized and student-centered learning experiences that support improved outcomes for students, in learning and in life, for students in high-poverty settings.

The research includes surveys of teachers, principals, and students; school case studies; collections of sample lessons and student work; and a study of student achievement outcomes. The study is situated in the diverse set of community settings served by the initiative, ranging from the inner city to native American communities to migrant populations on the Mexican border. This range of methods is designed to paint a rich picture of participants’ experiences and outcomes as they integrate new technology tools into teaching and learning.

SRI has released the first in a series of reports on evaluation results from the initiative, focusing on early experiences in Apple and ConnectED schools based on surveys of teachers, principals, and students. SRI’s research will continue to follow the initiative, and future reports will describe classroom experiences and outcomes as well as issues of sustainability as the initiative matures in these schools.

Read the full report: The Apple and ConnectED Initiative: Baseline and Year 2 Findings from Principal, Teacher, and Student Surveys

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