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three outdoor security cameras on a pole
The Acadia hardware series of embedded video processors delivers clear, actionable information from full-motion video. These products are available in multiple configurations with a variety of input and output options to accommodate a broad range of applications.
man remotely guiding a surgical robot
SRI’s telerobotic surgical system, M7, expands the reach of surgical intervention by enhancing the precision of minimally invasive procedures and enabling surgeons to operate from afar.


Decades of leading-edge SRI robotics and artificial intelligence research has produced Karto™—robust software for use in robotic navigation, mapping, and exploration.

Technologies for License

SRI is developing Taurus, a potentially life-saving telemanipulation tool for military and domestic bomb squads to defuse vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs). Following field trials, Taurus is being actively transitioned for commercial transfer. A regional bomb squad has been...
engineers working on an embedded vision system for UAVs
SRI offers a portfolio of computer vision hardware and video processing software for real-time embedded systems development.
demonstration of artificial muscle
SRI has patented a thin, flexible, smart material dubbed “artificial muscle” because it behaves much like a human muscle. Artificial muscle, available for license from SRI for a variety of application areas, uses a breakthrough technology called electroactive polymers.
electroadhesion demonstrated with a wall-climbing robot
SRI’s breakthrough electroadhesion technology, available for license, allows electrically controlled reversible adhesion
 to most surfaces.
electroadhesive surface-climbing robot
SRI offers licenseable surface- and wall-climbing robot prototypes for surveillance, inspection, and sensor placement applications.
magnetic encoding equipment
Until recently, there has not been a reliable, accurate, and inexpensive means to sense the motion and location of machine components such as hydraulic cylinders.
close-up of underactuated hand
SRI is developing an underactuated robotic hand for dexterous manipulation of a wide variety of objects.
SRI's humanoid robot
SRI’s design can provide more than 20 times the efficiency of current humanoid robotic platforms.

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