Christine Korbak

Education Researcher, SRI Education

Christine Korbak currently works as an Institutional Review Board (IRB) specialist by supporting the review process for research with human subjects (IRB), working with both the researchers in SRI Education and the staff of the SRI Human Research Protection Program. She completes the application process, or guides others to do so, for reviews by SRI IRB, external IRB companies, and research review offices of school districts across the country. To ensure education researchers continue to build their understanding of the review process, she develops materials such as summaries on IRB topics focused on SRI Education’s work, decision trees for the review process, and an internal online site for referencing SRI IRB information and review processes. Korbak also serves as a representative of SRI Education on SRI’s IRB, voting at convened meetings and conducting reviews of submitted applications.

Previously, she was a project manager and research coordinator with considerable expertise in handling the practical aspects of coordinating complex large-scale studies. This coordination included serving as a coordinator on cross-disciplinary learning sciences and design-based implementation research teams, assisting study team members on a range of activities for the effective planning, organizing, and implementing of research, producing and managing schedules, and foreseeing details and recommending best practices. As part of these large-scale studies, Korbak hired, trained, and supervised over a dozen entry-level researchers and support staff. Before her efforts in managing projects and coordinating research studies, Korbak developed her education research skills through fieldwork, analysis, and reporting on many grant-funded K–12 education studies for SRI Education. Korbak received a MA in applied psychology at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.

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