Supun Samarasekera

Senior Technical Director, Vision and Robotics Laboratory, Center for Vision Technologies

Supun Samarasekera is technical director of the Vision and Robotics Laboratory in SRI International’s Center for Vision Technologies. In this role, he directs commercial and government projects in military training, augmented reality, robotics, aerial and ground video surveillance, 3D mapping and modeling, and medical image analysis.

Samarasekera has over 15 years of experience in building integrated multi-sensor systems for training, robotics, surveillance, security, and other applications. He has played a leading role in the design and development of navigation algorithms for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), robotic, and dismounted infantry platforms. The paper “Stable Vision-Aided Navigation for Large-Area Augmented Reality” co-authored by him received the best paper award in the IEEE Virtual Reality 2011 conference.

Prior to joining SRI in 1997, Samarasekera was a member of technical staff for Siemens Corporate Research where he was a key developer of 3D CT reconstruction algorithms. He also held the position of programmer analyst at the University of Pennsylvania, working on MR/CT segmentation and real-time 3D visualization. Samarasekera holds a total of 25 patents for his work.

Samarasekera holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Information Systems from the University of Pennsylvania.

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