Methodology Considerations in School Mental Health Research


Fabiano, G. A., Chafouleas, S. M., Weist, M. D., Sumi, W. C., & Humphrey, N. (2014). Methodology considerations in school mental health research. School mental health, 6(2), 68–83


Research in the area of school mental health (SMH) has undergone rapid evolution and expansion, and as such, studies require the use of diverse and emerging methodologies. In parallel with the increase in SMH research studies has been greater realization of the complex research methods needed for the optimal measurement, design, implementation, analysis, and presentation of results. This paper reviews key steps needed to effectively study SMH research questions. Considerations around research designs, methods for describing effects and outcomes, issues in measurement of process and outcomes, and the foundational role of school and community research partnerships are discussed within the context of SMH research studies. Ongoing developments within SMH research methods are presented as illustrative examples.

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