Cl-Patr Reference Manual


Shieber, S. M. (1989). cl-patr Reference Manual. SRI International.


The PATR-II grammar formalism has been developed over the last few years at SRI International as a grammar formalism for codifying fragments of natural language. Historically, PATR-11 developed from the PATR (Parse, Annotate, and TRanslate), formalism. The formalism has been used over the last several years in projects building natural-language-processing systems to express syntactic and semantic constraints on natural language expressions. 

CL-PATR (Common Lisp PATR) is the latest implementation of the PATR-11 formalism developed at SRI. The CL-PATR implementation was motivated by a desire for a simple, reasonably efficient, and highly portable implementation of PATR-11. Because various implementations of PATR-11 over the years have begin to diverge in the formal formalism actually used, we have developed a standard for the PATR-11 language called S-PATR; this is the version of the formalism actually implemented in the CL-PATR system. S-PATR contains various extensions to previous PATR formalisms that have been found in the past to be desirable. Written in pure common LISP, CL-PATR has already been ported to Symbolics, Sun, MacIntosh, and IBM PC –RT computers.

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