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Next Generation Preschool Math

SRI is working with EDC and WGBH to develop and evaluate a set of tablet-based activities to help preschool children learn important mathematics.

The Next Generation Preschool Math (NGPM) project is a collaboration between researchers and media developers to develop a two-unit preschool math curriculum supplement that supports young children’s learning of important mathematics. Each unit combines digital and non-digital activities to support student learning.

Preschool teachers need support to teach mathematics and provide rich mathematics learning opportunities in the classroom. This innovative project is creating and evaluating a set of digital and non-digital resources to promote early mathematics learning. To create materials that are engaging, age appropriate, and support young children in learning rich mathematics we integrate research on:

  • Early mathematics learning trajectories
  • Developmentally appropriate joint media engagement
  • Preschool teacher professional development
  • Evidence-centered assessment design

The integration of these approaches requires an extremely diverse team, and we have created an interdisciplinary process that allows for the integration of perspectives in the creation of engaging and effective mathematics learning activities for young children.

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