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Our People

SRI has 2,100 employees worldwide. More than 45 percent have advanced educational degrees, and many are renowned leaders in their fields. Meet some of our people by browsing a category. Interested in joining us? Visit Careers at SRI for information about working at SRI and available positions.

Kenneth Augustyn
Development Director, SRI Ann Arbor
Director, Special R&D Intelligence Programs, Advanced Technology & Systems Division
Doug Bercow
Executive Director, Global Partnerships
John Bradburn
Senior Director, Business Development, Products and Solutions Division
Joseph Broz
Vice President, Government Business and Program Development
Cindy Daniell
Director, Program Development, Advanced Technology & Systems Division
William Kevin Ham
Program Manager, Center for Information Management and Cybersecurity
Philip Harman
Director, Congressional Relations
Barbara Heydorn
Senior Director, Energy Center
Youssef Iguider
Managing Director, SRI International Japan
Ted Ira
Senior Director of Sales, SRI Biosciences
Ron Krakower
Director, Business Development, Center for Vision Technologies
Chris Lantman
Director, Program Development, Advanced Technology & Systems Division
Director, Commercial Business Development, SRI Education
Peter Marcotullio
Vice President, Commercial R&D
Robert Pearlstein
Vice President, Corporate and International Business Development
Michelle Rodrigues
Director, Government Business Development
Mohsen Sanai
Director, Businss Development, Advanced Technology and Systems Division
David J. Scott
Executive Director, Global Partnerships
Executive Director, Defense and Intelligence Programs, Government Business Development
Csaba Szabo
Manager, Business Development, Global Partnerships
Dennis Tsu
Executive Director, Corporate Strategy
Philip von Guggenberg of SRI International
Director, Business Development, Advanced Technology & Systems Division
Norman Winarsky
Advisor, SRI Ventures