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Carol E. Tate

Education Researcher, SRI Education

Carol Tate specializes in design, research, and evaluation projects with a focus on improving teaching quality in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Her expertise is in instrument development, qualitative data collection, analysis, and reporting. Tate’s primary research interest relates to how curriculum design and contextual factors interact to affect teaching quality and student learning. In recent work at SRI, she has evaluated professional development initiatives and efforts to broaden access to computer science education in K–12.

Tate is leading the implementation study portion of the multiyear evaluation of CoolThink@JC, a 32-school pilot of a new computational thinking curriculum for primary students in Hong Kong. She also co-leads the evaluation of Teach For America’s CS10K project Prioritizing and Expanding Access to Computer Science Instruction in High Needs Schools, a networked professional development and support effort to increase access to computer science courses. For the Computer Science in Secondary Schools project, Tate led the qualitative instrument design, developed coding schemes, and contributed to data analysis and reporting. On the C2STEM project, Tate is investigating how curriculum design can support synergistic learning of computational thinking and kinematics in high school physics classes.

In her evaluation work, Tate draws on her background as a middle school math teacher and a college instructor. 

Tate is a doctoral candidate in learning sciences at the Rutgers University Graduate School of Education. She holds a master’s degree in education from Rutgers University and an A.B. in history from Brown University. 

Key Projects

  1. Evaluation of CoolThink@JC
  2. Evaluation of Teach for America CS10K initiative
  3. C2STEM
  4. Evaluation of NSF INCLUDES Alliance
  5. Computer Science in Secondary Schools (CS3)

Selected Publications

Tate, C., Remold, J., & Bienkowski, M. (2018). Pursuing the vision of CS for all: Views from the front lines. ACM Inroads9(3), 48–52.

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