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Cybersecurity collage

Cyber & formal methods

SRI builds, assesses and defends vital computer systems that affect all of our lives. We study the logical foundations of scalable systems beyond the scope of traditional testing or simulation, and we create and apply high-level tools for rigorous mechanical analysis.

Cybersecurity collage

Focus areas

SRI’s Computer Science Laboratory develops leading-edge tools and methods for areas including computer security, high-assurance systems, advanced user interfaces, computer networking, robotics, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Cyber security

We improve the security of critical infrastructures that support power grids, refineries, financial systems, telecommunications and the Internet.

Formal methods

SRI is a world leader in formal verification of computer systems. We build and offer specifications for high-assurance systems software and hardware.

Bioinformatics and computational biology

We apply computational methods to study and develop tools, software, databases and ontologies to manage and analyze high-throughput, heterogeneous biological data.

Cyberspace operations

We develop solutions that enable computer network attack, computer network exploitation, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

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