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Article  March 2, 2020

Sensors Capabilities, Performance, and Use of Consumer Sleep Technology

SRI Authors Massimiliano de Zambotti, Fiona C Baker



de Zambotti M, Cellini N, Menghini L, Sarlo M, Baker FC. Sensors Capabilities, Performance, and Use of Consumer Sleep Technology. Sleep Med Clin. 2020;15(1):1-30. doi:10.1016/j.jsmc.2019.11.003


Sleep is crucial for the proper functioning of bodily systems and for cognitive and emotional processing. Evidence indicates that sleep is vital for health, well-being, mood, and performance. Consumer sleep technologies (CSTs), such as multisensory wearable devices, have brought attention to sleep and there is growing interest in using CSTs in research and clinical applications. This article reviews how CSTs can process information about sleep, physiology, and environment. The growing number of sensors in wearable devices and the meaning of the data collected are reviewed. CSTs have the potential to provide opportunities to measure sleep and sleep-related physiology on a large scale.

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