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Artificial Intelligence

Smart machines—those that can learn and make decisions autonomously—have become a reality. Artificial intelligence researchers in SRI's world-renowned Artificial Intelligence Center develop computer-based systems that exhibit intelligent behavior in complex situations. SRI's applied solutions solve problems, communicate with people in new ways, and interact with the physical world.

For commercial, industrial, and military clients, core artificial intelligence programs include


Deep Adaptive Semantic Logic (DASL)

Harnessing formalized expert knowledge to construct sophisticated deep learning architectures

diagram showing how language is used in various settings


SRI is developing software that can uniquely identify a system’s users from spoken and written inputs, rather than using passwords.

Semantically Enabled Automated Assessment in Virtual Environments

The SAVE framework supports training in virtual environments through automated assessment of learner performance and tools for content authoring.

graphic showing computer code falling into a book

Collaboration in Math and Geosciences Program Assessment

SRI’s analysis suggests that the CMG program significantly increased the interdisciplinarity of geoscientists and mathematical scientists it has supported.