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College, Career, and Community Writers Program Evaluation

Through a cluster randomized controlled trial, SRI is assessing the impact of professional development for 4th- through 10th-grade teachers on writing instruction and student writing performance.

The National Writing Project’s College, Career, and Community Writers Program (C3WP) supports the teaching of argument writing through the integration of professional development, instructional resources, and formative assessment. In a previous study, SRI found that C3WP positively impacted teachers’ instructional practice and student performance in argument writing. This evaluation is to investigate the implementation and impact of C3WP on instruction and student writing performance as it moves into new grades and is scaled to new rural school districts throughout the United States. An additional objective is to understand how programs can be scaled effectively while maintain their integrity. The project is funded by the National Writing Project through an Investing in Innovation Scale-Up grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

SRI is collecting longitudinal data through

  • Surveys of professional development providers
  • Surveys of English language arts (ELA) teachers
  • Weeklong instructional logs from ELA teachers
  • Student writing prompts
  • Records of teacher participation in professional development on writing instruction

SRI is also collecting qualitative data through phone and on-site interviews with professional development providers, district leaders, and teachers, as well as observations of professional development and classrooms. 

Principal Investigator: Alix Gallagher

Co-Principal Investigator: Nicole Arshan

Project Director: CJ Park

Co-Project Director: Lauren Cassidy