Intelligent Systems Lab

Bringing intelligent design to the physical world

The Intelligent Systems Lab (ISL) delivers the capabilities to design, build, and operate complex cyber-physical systems with embedded intelligence. With an all-inclusive lens, our research teams turn unique ideas into things that operate at high performance and require very little training. Applying resilience means systems can handle equipment faults, human errors, cyber-attacks, climate change, and other unexpected conditions. Our work in heterogeneous human-machine collaboration ranges from multi-modal to human-in-the-loop AI approaches that integrate information and assistance with physical tasks.  

Making a difference

Our researchers develop technologies that deliver new ways to think about design and digital manufacturing, understand how to develop layers of resilience and autonomy, and build systems and solutions that leverage human-machine dialogue.

Our expert capabilities include domain and physics-aware AI, machine learning, computer vision, computational modeling and simulation, data analytics, diagnostics & prognostics, control, knowledge representation, and more.  

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