Our work, put to work

Advanced imaging systems

SRI’s advanced imaging solutions stand up to the most demanding conditions on earth and beyond. From design to fabrication, we develop and deploy complex imagers for space, scientific imaging, commercial applications, spectroscopy and more.

Artificial intelligence

SRI’s Artificial Intelligence Center advances the most critical areas of AI and machine learning. We develop methods for building intelligent systems that learn, perceive and interact with the world, both autonomously and in collaboration with humans.

Biomedical R&D services

SRI Biosciences provides research and services that span all stages of drug and diagnostics discovery and nonclinical development leading to human clinical trials and, ultimately, to the market.

Biomedical sciences

SRI Biosciences delivers next-generation drugs, diagnostics and devices to solve unmet medical needs. We work with partners to develop transformative approaches and platforms for the toughest therapeutic problems.

Computer vision

SRI pushes the frontiers of computer vision to enable machines to see, understand and remember. Our end-to-end video and processing technologies make computer vision work in the real world in applications including robotics, vehicles and people-worn systems.

Cyber & formal methods

SRI builds, assesses and defends vital computer systems that affect all of our lives. We study the logical foundations of scalable systems beyond the scope of traditional testing or simulation, and we create and apply high-level tools for rigorous mechanical analysis.

Elementary School Science Teacher Uses Interactive Digital White

Education & learning

SRI Education reduces barriers and optimizes education and learning outcomes for students of all ages and backgrounds. We work with partners to improve teaching, education policies and student learning.

Innovation strategy & policy

At SRI, innovation is more than just big ideas—it means applying cutting-edge concepts to address real needs. We help develop the systems that support innovation and technology, and we apply the methodologies that generate more creative solutions for challenging problems.

National security

SRI hardens next-generation technologies to bolster defense and help safeguard national security. We deliver systems, hardware and software that people must rely on under the toughest conditions.

Ocean & space

SRI helps scientists explore our oceans, upper atmosphere and outer space. From mission-ready imagers for space to advanced sensors for marine environments, we create tools and systems to shed light on these final frontiers.


The mission of QED-C is to enable and grow a robust commercial quantum-based industry and associated supply chain in the United States.


For over two decades, SRI has been developing precision quantum sensors to enable next-generation sensing and communications systems, from chip-scale clocks to cold-atom based sensor systems, as well as developing the sophisticated integration technology needed move these sensors out of the lab.

Robotics, sensors & devices

From robotic surgery to robots in space, SRI drives state-of-the-art robotics to create smart systems that can sense, think and act. Our R&D teams accelerate the time to creating new autonomous capabilities, innovative components and first-of-their-kind prototypes.

Speech & natural language

The human voice is a powerful tool. SRI’s speech and language technologies not only allow us to interact more naturally with computing applications—they also provide a wealth of actionable information about our intentions, health and emotional state.

Ventures & licensing

SRI Ventures invests in big ideas that create world-changing enterprises that make people safer, healthier and more productive. We invest cash, contribute advanced IP and transfer technology to entrepreneurs.

Video test & measurement

SRI Sarnoff’s comprehensive testing tools catch and identify errors throughout the digital signal chain. Built on five decades of video and broadcast experience, our suite of patterns and bitstreams ensures interoperability and digital video quality at every stage from pre-production through consumption.