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Driving science to change the world

Our research and innovations touch people’s lives every day.

We draw upon a seven-decade, multibillion-dollar foundation of client-sponsored R&D to lead discoveries that change the way we live. We offer passionate champions, multidisciplinary teams, rigorous science, a commitment to excellence, and strict adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Our offerings cover the full spectrum of R&D, including applied research, technology development, system deployment, custom products and technologies for license. See the full A-Z list of SRI’s R&D capabilities.


Our world-class researchers are widely published and frequently cited in journals and conference proceedings. Browse or search our library of featured publications.

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Jan, 2017

Optimization of Bootstrapping in Circuits

Reading by:
Tancrède Lepoint
Aug, 2016

Improving Early Literacy in PreK–3: Lessons Learned

Reading by:
Shari Golan, Katrina Woodworth, Lauren Cassidy
Sep, 2016

Unsupervised Learning of Acoustic Units Using Autoencoders and Kohonen Nets

Reading by:
Vikramjit Mitra, Dimitra Vergyri, Horacio Franco


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